Consumer Packed Goods

Deliver customer engagement packaged with intelligent and personalised experiences.

Put a winning sales strategy into action.

Connect the right store with the right product at the right time with a complete, cross-channel view of each customer. Get smarter about managing trade promotions and simplify complex sales processes. And close deals faster with real-time collaboration across the entire field, on any device.

Deliver service that’s the whole package.

Help customers find answers fast and on their terms with omni-channel support, self-service guides, community forums, and mobile video chat. And slash service hold times with instant access to customer, warranty, entitlement, and installed base information — all in one location.

Turn consumers into repeat customers.

Nurture leads, engage prospects, and target upsell opportunities within existing accounts with 1-to-1 customer journeys. Build more rewarding relationships by personalising every sales, service, and marketing interaction. And create a cohesive brand experience across all channels and touchpoints.

Consumer Goods CRM from Salesforce.

Consumer Packaged Goods CRM solutions from Salesforce are ushering in and advancing a new industrial revolution — one being driven by a need to deliver product faster and get closer to the consumer.

As CPG companies figure out how they deliver exciting, innovative consumer products to their customers, the expectations of companies and consumers is at an all time high. That’s why more and more CG companies are relying on Salesforce CRM optimised for consumer goods. It’s the new, connected age of consumer goods.

1. Optimising the visits for each physical and online store
3. Activities that can easily help in capturing the information and orders
2. Improvement in the planning strategies
4. Utilising artificial intelligence for optimizing the product placements

Sharing The Customer Relationship Case Studies As One Of The Best

1. Suggesting the strategy that can win maximum sales and convert them into fruitful events.

2. Delivering the services of goods as a whole package of quality and faithfulness.