Retail & Ecommerce

Implement Salesforce for Retail to Drive Customer Experience. Work with a partner who can build better end-to-end, multi-cloud, and commerce experiences for Salesforce’s strongest industries in commerce.

Create smart as well as enhanced shopping experiences for your retail store, accelerating sales & ensuring user loyalty like never before.

Implementing Salesforce in Retail Industry gives it an agile workflow by improving operational efficiency and increasing the customer base. It also develops engagement with customers by generating leads and driving revenue with the help of cloud-based capabilities.

Salesforce for Retail comes with many other beneficial features like personalizing customer buying experiences, establishing seamless collaboration across different departments of retail, increasing customer satisfaction and driving revenue for an outlet. At Tech Talent Salesforce Consultancy, our team applies CRM consulting experience to help retail outlets in improving customer acquisition, conversion, retention and sales.

Retail CRM from Salesforce

Whether it ends in a store or with a mailed package, more often than not, the shopping experience begins online. That’s why retailers are using Salesforce retail cloud CRM solutions to build personalised customer experiences across all channels.

Salesforce CRM for retail is helping retailers keep customers’ needs top of mind, listening to what they want, and responding instantly. Salesforce connects sales associates, partners and employees with the key information they need to provide the right products and the kind of service that builds loyalty.

Transform digital commerce
Make the shopping experience seamless across the web, social, mobile, and stores. Enable omnichannel order management capabilities that let shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell and fulfill anywhere.
Save money and drive real conversation
Drive genuine conversations with shoppers in their preferred channels. Personalise every interaction and empower agents to respond faster with the information they need to turn today's shopper into a customer for life.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Our Retail Salesforce Solution

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

Using AI for Smarter Decisions

In a retail business, the capability of forecasting future buying trends depends mainly on customer data analysis. Having data rich information aligned thoughtfully helps in assuming the buying nature of customers. Our Salesforce solution leverage on AI, and machine learning to eliminate guesswork and make accurate data driven decisions for you.

Easy & Seamless Team Collaboration

Integrating our Salesforce solution will allow you to run your entire retail business operations from a single platform. It can integrate various departments like finance, services, sales, marketing, and more to facilitate smooth data flow across these channels in an organization so that your staff can perform at its best.

Understanding Customers

Our Retail Salesforce Solution also helps you create 360- degree customer profiles and buyer persona by capturing and assorting the data shared by them. The profiles help in understanding the need of your customers in a better way, allowing you to develop perfect communications with them and respond to their needs satisfactorily.

Categorizing Customers

Audience segmentation is another very necessary feature offered by our Salesforce Retail CRM. It alters the customer experience and marketing strategy with the help of specialized segmentation facilities for retail outlets. Your audience can be segmented based on demographic, geographic, behavioral, and spending habits. Accordingly, you can design your customer journeys & marketing outreach.

Running Marketing Campaigns

Salesforce CRM developed by us store customer information through different tools and makes personal communication with shoppers easy through customized one-to-one emails, messages, chatbots, and social media. It can also help you in managing discounts, rewards points, and loyalty programs to expand the customer base and attract more sales during campaigns.

Excellent Customer Support

Our Salesforce Service Cloud utilizes AI, intelligent analytics, and various automation features to help retail businesses cater to customer queries effectively and quickly. Excellent customer service is very necessary for the retail industry. With Salesforce your employees can get all the required customer information for contextualizing conversations and resolving issues faster.

Application Areas of Our Salesforce Retail Management Services

CRM & Marketing Automation
Developing personalized and lasting relationships with customers through CRM powered management. It takes care of loyalty schemes, across in-store, web and mobile channels including integration of POS terminals and mobile devices.

We design scalable solutions that support e-stores, online shopping carts, E-commerce and more to meet consumers’ requirements. It also offer them enjoyable & secure shopping experience along with operational analytics for marketing and sales.

Supply Chain
We look into supply chain management, private level product management, and, trade promotion management, E-collaboration and enterprise mobile apps. Also, enabling real-time visibility into every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to checkout.

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence
Our Salesforce Services help retail businesses make informed decisions. All these are done through data warehousing, master data management, OLAP cubes, Reporting UI, and predictive analytics by sourcing information from your IT ecosystem and customer touchpoints.

Computer Vision
We offer custom image analysis to increase the level of customer service in retail shopping. Solutions designed by us include emotion recognition & virtual reality to close deals through assessment of facial expressions and overall body language.

Security Maintenance
We maintain the highest standard of information security for your business with the help of advanced security management, Security Information, and Event Management, Identity and access management, Penetration testing etc.